Conversation between Adulthood and Childhood.


Childhood– Hey Adulthood how are you?

Adulthood– Hey childhood I am okay, how are you?

Childhood– Why are you lying? I know you are not okay.

Adulthood– I have learned while growing up that even if you are not okay, you need to pretend that you are okay.

Childhood– But why are you not happy? Is adulthood this much bad?

Adulthood– Ummmm…

Childhood– It’s okay, you don’t have to lie to me.

Adulthood– I am not happy, I regret that why I always used to say to you that leave me soon, so that I can be a grown-up, I heard people used to say that once you are a grown-up you will be enjoying your life, but this is wrong, the whole concept of adulthood is so wrong we misunderstood this fucking adulthood thing. I miss you so much, you remember how much I used to sleep? Now I barely get the sleep, also that time when I used to go out to play with my friends now I barely play outside, I have lost most of my childhood friends. The burden of the responsibilities is so much that I barely get the time for myself. When you were not here I have been through so much I can’t even tell you, you remember earlier the love was so unconditional no expectation nothing. You know what! I have been through such a bad heartbreak, I missed you much I wish I never told you to go leave. There are so many things that I can’t even tell you.

Childhood– Hey, Hey, Hey don’t cry and don’t be sorry if you wouldn’t have asked me to leave no matter what I would have gone by myself, because this is the process that all of us have to follow. You’re born, grow up, your childhood then your adulthood. I have seen you, you are so brave, I have seen that how much struggle you are doing and you know what I have never left you it was just that I was in you but you forgot me you never called me. You were afraid that once you will introduce me again to people they will use you, and you did the right thing, but today you literally called me and you needed me that’s why I came, you know what, whatever you have faced in your adulthood take it as a lesson. Remember when I was with you how you touched the hot iron plate and after that you never made that mistake again, just like that apply this in your adulthood and I know that is a stupid example I gave, you might have done same mistake again, I mean twice thrice but remember take them as a lesson every mistake teach you a different lesson.

I will be always alive in you, much love ❤
~Rashmi Meena

Types of People in “Quarantine”

Hola people,

I hope you all are doing well and keeping yourself safe from this evil Corona Virus. All of us have our ways to survive in this quarantine and no way is wrong as long as you are surviving in this lockdown situation, because keeping yourself busy rather than cribbing about this lockdown situation is far better, the sooner we accept social distancing, the sooner we can go back to our real life.

In this quarantine, I have observed there are several types of people out there in quarantine, mentioning some of them below:

1. Their dream came true

For some people this is their total dream, to stay at home and cancel all the plans and never want to go at work, these people never do social interacting, they are this much brave that they can stay at home all day long without interacting with anyone and can still do fine.

2. Cleaning Enthusiastic

They can find germs everywhere, and no doubt they see everyone as a “germ” except themselves. The value of these people was never higher before this quarantine, they can clean that one place after every 5 minutes, but it’s okay we all need that one “cleaning enthusiastic” person in our life; particularly now. They enjoy cleaning let them enjoy.

3. I can host Master Chef

Obviously, we can see these people all over Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and whats app and I don’t know if there is any other social media site where they can post their “A” class dish. These are the people who have never stayed this long at home and now they are honing their “cooking skills” at home, and that is great and yes you can show your dish to the world once, but posting your daily meals is little annoying, I am not saying you don’t cook good, also how can you guys have all the ingredients at home, I mean we are not allowed to go out!

4. The Lazy ass!

Picture Source: @happyfluffcomics

I am one of these types, I mean what is the point of getting dressed, nobody gonna see you except your pet and housemates and for housemates, it doesn’t even matter even if you dress up nicely you will be ugly for them because they know that reality, I know girls after lockdown you are a bear, having bushy eyebrows and much more (don’t want to disclose that) and don’t forget that most unused item of yours!!! xD. Go with the flow!

5. Workout Freak

I am telling you these are the most creative people, after closing the gym the workout freaks are losing their mind, but they always trying new ways to do the exercise, yes you guys can use stairs to complete your 10,000 steps daily, squat your couch, use your terrace for skipping and I know people will say that you are mad, but everything will be okay when you go out and show them your abs and booty because everyone is going to be too jealous.

6. The hoarder

What should I say about these insane people? These are the people who collect everything from the shops, and then they make scarcity for other people, you guys need to understand that this is the stupidity because I can’t find a single packet of “Maggi”, stop hoarding and show some maturity.

7. Missing the Alcohol

Hahaha, I know I know, you just want to resume this lockdown just for 2 days and want to collect the bottles so that you can enjoy your quarantine, I swear just give them a bottle of alcohol and they won’t give a f*ck about this quarantine, but no alcohol during the lockdown.

8. The “ZOOM” & Work From Home

Let’s be honest that this quarantine taught us that whatever job we are doing that can be done from home and surprisingly we are doing great work by staying at home, also I have never heard about Zoom before this quarantine and I am pretty sure that this Zoom app is earning a lot of money, and I know that you watch Netflix with only subtitles and no sound while Zoom meeting! Also, nobody going to notice what you are wearing!!

9. Binge Watchers!

I mean how can you do that in one day these people can complete one season of series and they can simultaneously watch as many series as they want! but be careful with your eyes guys!

10. Book Warmers

I like these people because they silently read books and never disturb anyone, same with these guys they can complete a book in just 2 days the good thing with these people is they also give feedback about the book, I love you guys! Also please recommend me to read some good e-books.

11. Skills Updater

You will find these people on LinkedIn posting about their certifications they have completed while quarantine, and I think they are clearly taking the advantage of quarantine!

We all know that this phase of 2020 will be remembered as a bad time but trust me this is the best time to stay with your family and spend sometime together, because in this fast world we barely get the time for our family, you will cherish these days later.

Also, let me know in the comment box if you or anyone else you know is spending their quarantine in a different way.

Much Love!

And he melted..

This devil thought that he can never fall in love again,

But this angel came like rain.

He was roaming around with his broken heart,

But she fixed it like an art.

The rage inside him was burning like a fire,

But she took care of it like he was her desire.

He was dead inside,

But her warmness again feeling him alive.

He thought he would take revenge,

But, Damn this angel has that glam.

He was a demon,

But she danced with him and made him a believer.

He thought she would be scared of his demon,

But that was the first thing she fell for, for no reason.

Who thought that this devil would melt?

But oh, look at that touch he felt…

She didn’t know that she was dancing with a devil,


He didn’t know she came in his life like a blessing in disguise.

Yes, in the right hands,

He just melted.

Will they Again…?

Destiny has its own way,

Way, to keep things align.

Their meeting was also a sign,

Sign, to make things right.

They knew what will be the consequences,

Consequences, of getting involve  in this mess.

But unintentionally they did.

They both had the past,

Past, that gave them scars.

Both are beautifully broken,

Broken, and their trust had been shaken.

Afraid of again falling in love,

Love, which can give them another curve.

Still they feel the calm,

Calm, in each other’s arms.

Both don’t want a relationship,

Relationship, that becomes relationshit.

This is the new blooming bud,

Bud, the birth of new love.

But oh, past is the hindrance

Hindrance, of the new entrance.

They both understand their sentiments,

Sentiments, but not ready for the commitments.

Its true,

They both are right but,

Met on wrong time.

Will this continue ?


Will end like it never started?

but this time its hate.

Remember when you left me with the wound,

I was crying aloud.

You were walking away,

Like you have found another way.

Firstly you made my life so beautiful,

then made it horribly curseful.

Finally when I moved ahead

then you just came back with another plan.


Uhh Uhh Sorry my love,

this time its your bad luck.

You came back with a thought,

that for you I will open another door.

You have fucked up yourself,

Again I have picked up myself

You have got what you served,

After you I have got the best that I deserve.

My love just keep this thing in your mind,

that you are no one in my life.

Yes I still have feeling for you,


this time its not love,

its the hate that you have developed for yourself in my,


Oh, I grew Up!!

Picture Source: Pinterest

Its 2 am, in the night, basically midnight I don’t know why I am still awake? Though I am the one who is always sleepy, but today I don’t know, maybe because thousands of thoughts running in my mind, it’s like I am having one thought and at the same time the other thought across my mind, I am confused about to which thought I should give importance!!! Ughhh Juggling between thoughts!!!!

And the race of thoughts have been started, how much I have changed from a sleeping baby to the person who is awake till 2 and writing about her thoughts, The play school girl is now so big that she is thinking about supporting her family financially, making budgets. The one who was always excited to write on a new, neat and clean notebook when the new term starts and now she barely touches the notebooks because you know the laptops and desktops are here.

Oh, next thought, I have never thought that I will miss my annoying brother this much, the one who never left me alone in my childhood and this thing was so irritating for me when I used to say Okay, Mom I am leaving for playing with my friend and he used to say, Okay Di, I will also come as we grew up we never interfere in our personal lives but yeah he was in front of me and I used to say that you should go somewhere because you fight with me a lot and now when he left me and moved to the other city I miss him, I really miss him.

Continue with the other thought, One of my friends is facing an extremely complicated problem, she married to a guy who really loved her but unfortunately he passed away, with the time she fell in love with another guy they both loved each other but God had another plan she had to marry some other stranger because her family wasn’t ready and now the boy is getting married she couldn’t take this, why is she facing such problem. My other friend is staying with a boy to whom she doesn’t even love but she has to live with him because her family and boy’s family are friends. Oh, god life is so complicated, can you please make it easy for them?

Oh, how it is possible that I am having thoughts of other’s love stories but not mine? Umm Umm, its impossible here comes mine, In my teenage, I won’t lie, but it’s true I got so much attention from boys(I still do) but that time I enjoyed and honestly I have never been serious about anyone my first heartbreak was okay but oh god!! I never knew I will shatter in my second heartbreak and in a second I am converted from the stone heart girl to the most sensitive girl and F*ck, I gave a F*ck this time. But, eventually, I moved on because of my mother!!!

Oh Mother, I have seen her getting older I fought with her a lot I repeat a lot, how much she has changed (appearance) and how much sacrifice she has done for us, her appearance might have changed but her nature and love is still the same from sending me to school to sending to office, always waits for me to come back from the office to home, I was so stubborn in my childhood like if I wanted anything and I didn’t get it I used to cry so that she can get me that thing for which I was crying but now when I cry I always make sure that she shouldn’t be watching me crying, how can I tell her that I didn’t get the boy I loved, from loudly crying to hiding tears from not telling boyfriend things to sharing my ex’s talks, the bond between me and her getting stronger and stronger.

How can I forget my father I just want to say he is my idol and I just cannot repay him for what he has done for us, it’s not like my mother has done fewer sacrifices, basically I should say that I just can’t repay both of them for all the sacrifices they did for us.

Uggghh, when my thoughts will over? I just realized that between finding an empty playground to play and finding jobs to earn I grew up, from shouting while calling a friend to come and play now the texting them over whats app and asking are you coming to the office?

Oh, Office!! I realized that it’s the 6 month of my job and the only thing I do is getting up get dressed not school uniform (the one hated most, but I miss that now) but the dress in which I look decent and good. School Uniform was so good because you don’t have to worry about how you look and you don’t have to buy new clothes every month and spend money. Coming back to my routine so I get up, freshen up, dressed up and leave towards the office the same metro, same people, in short, I would say the monotonous life. All I do in the office is work, eat and getting fat.

Oh what about my appearance, why does it matter to me so much? In my childhood, I used to eat non-stop and still I did not get fat, but now even If I smell food my belly pooch says to me Oh hey there!!

Now its 3:15 am, still the midnight and I am feeling sleepy, but I won’t go right now!!

From notebooks to laptops, Sleeping baby to the girl who awakes till 3, spending money to saving money and making budgets, from fighting with the mom to hug her while sleeping, from asking my brother to leave to asking him to come and meet soon, From school to office, from eating non-stop to avoid eating just to look good, From love to heartbreaks, from making new friends to avoiding people, From school books to Novels, From Tom and Jerry and Scooby-Doo to Game of Thrones and Sacred Games, From Mario to Pub G…. with these thoughts.

I just realized that,

Oh, I grew up.