A shattered heart

  You were my light, in the dark skies. You were my sole hope, in this whole world. You were my song, that I used to sing all day long. You were my sun rays,  when my life was in grey.   You were the only hand,  in this barren land.      

A lustful dream.

  It’s a foggy and cold day, very few people out there. She is sitting beside her window with her hot coffee, a pen and a diary. John is out for bringing her happiness(food) 😛 Suddenly it’s drizzling outside and she got worried about John. Taking after her last sip of coffee, she closed her […]

Lost Somewhere.

I am walking & walking & walking, I don’t know where I am going. I lost in my own mystery,  I want someone to hold me. Please bring me back to the Normal life, Because I too wanna live a life.  P.S. First Poem 🙈