Till When this Rape Culture will continue ?

Friends, this post is not a blog at all, I am writing this for the purpose of awareness.

2017 is about to end and nothing has changed.
Today morning I was scrolling my Facebook and I came across a thrilling news that “A 8-year-old girl in Pune Brutally Gang-Raped by 6 Minor Boys from her Neighborhood.”

A 8-year-old Girl? what has she done?
She didn’t even know the meaning of ‘RAPE’.

Damini India Raped Death
I think India is not the country for girls because every second girl is getting raped by her neighbor, relative and sometimes even by her male family member.
Boys, have you ever think about that pain she has suffered because of you?
Have you ever think about the torture that she has gone through because of you?

I think that Rapist is not only the criminal but society too.
Here I am not talking about particularly that 8-year-old girl, my concern is about all those girls/women who have been raped.
Some of the boys or even society  say that  the girl’s clothes are responsible for rape or we can say that she is inviting boys by her clothes, WHAT? bang on! Clothes? Did that 8-year-old girl or 2 months old baby girl invited her uncle or relative to rape her? HUH?
Do you guys really think that Clothes are the reason? Dude, it’s your thinking it’s your dirty mind, it’s your eyes are the reason!
There was a time when we used to say: “DON’T YOU HAVE MOM SISTERS AT HOME ?”
But today we can’t even say this because today some guys don’t even forgive their, mom, daughter, grandmom and sisters.
The culture of India is like that we worship our goddess but we don’t respect our women why? Goddesses were also women why do you guys worship them? because of fear of KARMA?
Don’t forget that Karma is a bitch because what you serve is what you deserve!
Till when this rape culture will continue in our country ?. We are in our 70th independence still India got the tags of rapes, slum, pollution, poverty, dirt etc.
Why? I mean why?
Don’t India have this much potential to change our “RAPE CULTURE”?

IMG_20171223_132934Source: The Indian Express

This the high time we girls need to take stand for ourselves and remove this “RAPE CULTURE”.

Rape Map of India


Let’s make 2017  the end of Rape Culture in India.




56 thoughts on “Till When this Rape Culture will continue ?”

  1. You have my heart girl. You have got some serious talent. And this for sure is improving and improving. So touched with this latest post up here 💘 so proud of you. And this post I swear this hit me like so hard. Reality is that in no sugar coated candy. Hoping such initiatives will not go waste. 💘

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  2. Heyy…. Rashmi…. Itzz true!!!!
    Rape is worse than terrorism… Itzz a worst experience which makes u dead even as u alive…. Now it’s high time to take some actions……. Stop Rapism!!!
    Proud of u👍👍👍


  3. Education is needed to stop rape not punishment for it has little effect. Also when people talk about rape it is always in the female content remember a lot of young males are raped across the world. If you are going to fight against rape do it for all, for both sex’s suffer.
    Good on you speaking out, please remember all who suffer.

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    1. I agree with you George , but i have seen that many educated people who are involved in this drastic crime so in my point of view both are important education as well as punishment !
      and thank you so much for contributing a minute from your precious time and I will keep your view in mind.


  4. It’s not only in India that we have rape cases. That is also the problem in our country. And the reason mostly of offenders is they were high on drugs. That’s why our country have this aggressive campaign to stop it spreading.

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  5. Echoing the above it’s great that you are raising awareness, in this country armed robbery quite often carries a heavier sentence than rape, which I find disgusting. It’s difficult to educate the masses when the people (men) in charge don’t see it as a serious crime. I will reblog this in the very near future 🙂

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  6. So sad that this still goes on.Thank you for raising my awareness. It is my opinion that Until women are regarded as equal they will continue to be disrespected and mistreated..Education is the way forward and in the meantime law enforcement which favours women as much as men.

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  7. Very true post…
    But still this nation is not consciously working on a solution, rather than focusing on the solution, everyone talking about punishment, about justice, doing protest… it will help?? No, It won’t help, but no one thinks about a solution so that it won’t happen with someone, punishment, justice all these are the things required after happening, why this society is get activated after happening of rape… where it will help to next girl/women who is going to get the same wrong with her…

    Rape is a crime having many complexities but for sure it is not only because of completing the sexual desires, it is for sure beyond this but no one consciously focuses on it and tries to work on solutions… It is about power to possess, it is not sexuality alone..and the society is totally responsible for it because from past 1000s of years, somewhere this society has made in man mind that girl/women is an object, an object with body parts, many minds still think women as an accumulation of body parts like it is just a sum of body parts and man somewhere have idea that he can possess…
    Everyone is getting activated after any rape happens and again after few days get deactivated no aware till next rape happens, this is the present living of this well -educated society.
    We all have to work on the solution rather than talking on the problem… I appreciate your post dear and things will change for sure if we all decide to take effort at individual level for making a change, society is not something else, it is consisting of all of us…

    I have also tried my best to put words on this issue and hope it will help people to get aware and think consciously, you may visit the following link…



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    1. Thank you so much for sparing a minute and for going through my post and I support your comment I think we should take the initiative and give education about this rape culture.
      And surely I will go through your post.
      And I am extremely Sorry for replying so late.
      Keep Blogging ❤ and stay connected


  8. Such a sad state to be living in the men if you can call them that are evil creatures, real men do not go around raping women or girls. The punishment has to be strong on these offenders to stop them. Education is good but this type of person has a very low understanding and lives in a pack or less than animal state. May your plight be taken seriously in your country. It has to stop. Blessings and miracles


  9. A sensitive topic framed in bold words, the solution to this can only be re-designing the mindset and putting ethics and values in their brain during their childhood. We concentrate more on “Education” but we forget “Education” also has “moral values and ethics” as a subject in it. The time we stop studying for grades and start studying to build a personality is the time when we can say that “we have a solution to prevent this heinous crime. Amazing write-up!

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