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Bye to the Past (2018), Hello to the Future (2019)

Hola guys,

How are you? So, the new year is on its way and I need to tell you that this the last post of this year. Also, I am gonna make a big announcement at the end of this post so make sure you read full post.

We are just a few days away with the new year and we also make some new resolutions 😛 but never gonna fulfill them :D, apart from jokes 2018 gave me some bitter and sour memories and experiences.

2018 added some amazing people in my life be it in family or college. I want to say thanks to you guys. You guys made my 2018.

The beginning of my year was amazing but as we know if there are happy moments then there are sad and depressing too.

In the middle of the year, I was at the lowest point because I started losing some important persons from my life just because of some misunderstanding, my grades were coming down and I was unable to focus on anything I almost forgot that how to write my entire focus was disturbed because it’s like you know when you start losing something from your life and you don’t want to lose those things also, for saving them you tried everything but you are not succeeding in those efforts, that was the situation with me, everyday fights, the crying, those teary nights everything was so grey. In the end, I left everything but in the middle of these grey days, I made some new friends in college and in my office (internship). In this year every person had a significance in my life.

But as the year is coming to the end everything is started going smoothly, it is rightly said that good things take time to come but it will come same happened with me those people which I lost started coming back to me and one thing I need to tell you guys that I was fucking missing you. I also want to thank those people who supported me in my saddest days. I want to say thanks to every person who came into my life seriously you guys made my year by just being present in it.

So, I just want to convey that let bygones be bygones start a new life, a new beginning with a fresh mind and with a fresh heart.

 If you just broke up, then move on improve yourself, make yourself more better person, If you love someone then do tell him/her that you love them before it’s too late otherwise they will celebrate the valentine’s day with someone else and definitely you don’t want that :D, If you have a fight with someone and you want to sort out then do it before the new year so that you guys can start a new friendship with more love, If you have lost someone in your life then please get out from that phase because that person won’t be happy to see you like that, If you have a confession  for someone then confess it.(you can confess me too if you want :P) , If you got placed then celebrate it and last but not the least if you have a pending trip then  complete it.  That’s all I want to say because nobody can restore the time.

Announcement Time !!!!!!

I have a big announcement to do guys and the announcement is that I am going to start a new blog and that blog will be based on the tips and tricks of styling, In short- a fashion blog. Yes, A FASHION BLOG.

The way you showed me an immense love here please show the same love with more intensity there too.  I will share the link soon.


Happy New Year guys spread some love, hugs and kisses this year and why just this year why not every year, every day, every minute.

Have a great year ahead! Stay Healthy! Stay Happy! Keep Eating!



My heart is beating split personality. One side is a warrior, constantly kicking ass and swallowing the names that dared to venture there. The other side is a child, stumbling, shuttering, awkward and unsure of everything I've ever loved.

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