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When Dawn Meets Dusk


Again there will be one night

where we will stay alive,

alive in each other arms.

Again your fingers will linger on my spine,

Just like a slippery wine.

Again your lips will be locked with mine,

Just like a tangled line.

Again there will be a spark,

Just like sun rays in the dark.

Again your heat will mix with mine,

Just like hurricane mixed with sunshine.

Again there will be a messy sheet,

Just like shredded autumn leaves.

Again there will be moaning sound,

Just like the storm’s sound in the clouds.

Again we will get separate,

Just like we have never met.

Again these moments will become memories,

Just like unspoken stories.

Again that touch will get disappear,

Just like they have never appeared.

As history repeats itself

Again there will be this night.

Again there will be those moments.



When Dawn meets Dusk

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You are…

You are that sin that I never wanted to do.

You are that thing that I always wanted to have.

You are that pink that I always wanted to wear.

You are that kiss that gives me a bliss.

You are that heat that lit my body up.

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A lustful dream.



It’s a foggy and cold day, very few people out there.

She is sitting beside her window with her hot coffee, a pen and a diary.

John is out for bringing her happiness(food) 😛

Suddenly it’s drizzling outside and she got worried about John.

Taking after her last sip of coffee, she closed her eyes and resting her head with the wall and in her mind, there is a line of theory about those warm moments between her and John. How they lost into each other. During this thought process, she felt a cold touch on her shoulder and this is familiar touch….touch of John.

Author’s P.O.V

(John is very sophisticated and gentleman type. He wants everything should be in place.

But when it comes to romance and make out he is kind of beast and he is also good in bed) 

He is staring at her like he is hungry for her ,she stood up and he put his one hand on her waist and pull her towards himself they are so close to each other that even the air cannot pass she can feel his warm breath on her lips he pecked her lips gently. He lifts her and walking towards the bedroom.

As they entered the room, he put her down, her eyes are closed suddenly she felt his hands sliding up her chest to the top button of her shirt trying to get it undone ,she opened her eyes and he is staring right at her and suddenly he crashed his lips on her and she moaned little he quickly removes her top and flung the top somewhere on the floor of his bedroom.

She tried to push away, but his arms are on her waist, pulling her in. She gave up and melting into the kiss, she kissed him back harder and finally they both are out of breath.

She pushed him away and he fell on the bed with his back ,she straddled him and grinding. She leaned down and kissed him from his neck to his abs to his lower body and started to give him sensations and pleasure he is moaning and she continues to pleasing him.
He flipped over her so now he is on top.
His hands are roaming her body and it felt like scorching her.

He is kissing her neck ,then her collarbone, then he goes down to her lower neck, she can feel his warm breath on her chest he is exploring the every curve of her body.

Her temperature is rising as he goes down, she felt his cold touch on her tighs, he kissed on her tighs she is moaning by his name.He is moving his fingers on her honeypot and she is moaning out loud suddenly she felt that his tounge is in her his tounge is moving in a motion and finally she is on the brink he slapped her honeypot and she knows that she is very close to her climax.

She wrapped her legs around his waist.
He leaned towards her to kiss her and he goes down to her chest, he looked into her eyes and grabbed his tool and buried in her twat, he hit into her hard she moaned louder and louder with each shot.

She pulls him closer for lip lock and they kissed each other roughly and he is roughly moving his hips back and forth ,he is about to expel and her body is shivering, he thrust a few more times and he is done and then he pulled out.



She is not in her senses, he is helping her to awake by tapping her cheeks and she opened her eyes and saw that he is sitting in front of her in clothes with a pizza then she realized that she was dreaming.


P.S. This is my first romantic blog.