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The Dead Love.

I still remember those night walks,

Now you are walking with others.

I still remember those romantic talks,

Now you are sharing them with others.

I still remember those repeated lies,

Now you are destroying some other lives.

I still remember those three magical words,

Now you are telling them to others.

I still remember those fucking shared nights,

Now you are scratching some other thighs.

I still remember that once I told you,

I will die if you say goodbye.

And you have done things that made me cry,

But, Oh darling never mind.

I am still in love but,




Not from here, from above.

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When Dawn Meets Dusk


Again there will be one night

where we will stay alive,

alive in each other arms.

Again your fingers will linger on my spine,

Just like a slippery wine.

Again your lips will be locked with mine,

Just like a tangled line.

Again there will be a spark,

Just like sun rays in the dark.

Again your heat will mix with mine,

Just like hurricane mixed with sunshine.

Again there will be a messy sheet,

Just like shredded autumn leaves.

Again there will be moaning sound,

Just like the storm’s sound in the clouds.

Again we will get separate,

Just like we have never met.

Again these moments will become memories,

Just like unspoken stories.

Again that touch will get disappear,

Just like they have never appeared.

As history repeats itself

Again there will be this night.

Again there will be those moments.



When Dawn meets Dusk

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Pretty lies


You say I love you but I know you don’t.
You say I will always be with you but I know you won’t.
You say I will always take care of you but I know you won’t.
You say you are loyal to me but I know you aren’t.
I know you were, you are, and you will lie to me.
But, I promised you that,
No matter you love me or not I will always love you.
No matter you will always be with me or not I’ll be there for you whenever you need me.
No matter you will take care of me or not I will always take care of you.
No matter you are loyal to me or not I was, I am and I will loyal to you.

I would love to hear these lies through my whole life because the lies you say to me are pretty and I know that truths are ugly.


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An Untold Love Story




Some stories are beautiful if they are unsaid

because they meant to be unsaid.

Nobody will know what had happened to us

just like unspoken words.

The pain we have suffered,

The tears we have shed,

The moments we have spent,

The love we have made,

The life we have shared,

Everything will go with us

And our love story will die with us!