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When Dawn Meets Dusk


Again there will be one night

where we will stay alive,

alive in each other arms.

Again your fingers will linger on my spine,

Just like a slippery wine.

Again your lips will be locked with mine,

Just like a tangled line.

Again there will be a spark,

Just like sun rays in the dark.

Again your heat will mix with mine,

Just like hurricane mixed with sunshine.

Again there will be a messy sheet,

Just like shredded autumn leaves.

Again there will be moaning sound,

Just like the storm’s sound in the clouds.

Again we will get separate,

Just like we have never met.

Again these moments will become memories,

Just like unspoken stories.

Again that touch will get disappear,

Just like they have never appeared.

As history repeats itself

Again there will be this night.

Again there will be those moments.



When Dawn meets Dusk